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If there is one mystery that begs consideration, it would no doubt be the large number of bona fide celebrities that this small community has generated. Like the mystical Blue Mountains that have given the world its finest coffee bean, the Trench Town phenomenon for raw musical talent is one that may well challenge future scholars.

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Unparalleled Sound

“Trench Pen: before Trench Town” gives you a background of the neighborhood from its beginnings. Ultimately, this is about the meaning and importance of community. The faces of the residents mirror the textures of the place worn and weathered. In spite of all that has gone awry, there is still pride and hope, creativity and exuberance. Music still fills the air and moves the feet. The energy that filled the government yards in Marley’s day still resides there, and hums rhythmically, in expectation of that better world that the music helps us to believe in from the inside out.

Many musicians like Livynkulcha (who are singing in the video) contribute to the growing attraction of other artists to recording studios in Trench Town!


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