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A Glimpse Into The Past and Present

The Trench Town Culture Yard is owned and operated by neighborhood residents, organized to provide an engaging experience, authentic to life in this West Kingston district. Unassuming in their approach, the personalities one may encounter, may often deflect the desired historical script of Reggae music and Bob Marley. What you may sense is life steeped in present-day context. Expect more than the canned tourist speeches of “the way things used to be” and be open to the Trench Town of the present and past.

This seven-block plus, public housing scheme known as Trench Town, built in the 1940’s was designed with gabled roofs, verandahs, and multiple dwellings formed around communal yards, as a modest and affordable place for a transplanted rural population. It became home to a family of musicians, poised to change the face of world music. Through its idealistic beginning, periods of extreme political tension and violence, to where they are today, the people of Trench Town are inviting and hospitable Jamaicans.

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